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We are a premier full service painting and decorating company. Family owned and operated
serving the Monterey Peninsula since 1993.

Our principles


Outside of his family, there is nothing Noah values more then his work ethic. These moral values are deeply ingrained in everything he does. It is his belief that it is truly an honor to have the opportunity and the ability to serve. Each and every situation presents itself with unique challenges... and to confront those on a regular basis for over 25 years allows TNT the credentials to be the very best at their craft.

Noah firmly believe's that the key to a smooth running project is complete communication and a totally committed team. From the apprentices and the journeyman to the management and ownership. By fielding daily reports from our Team Leaders we can eliminate potential problems before they manifest.

Their belief is -- we are only as good as our last job. Each and every client is the most important client. Regardless of their reputation -- they understand by being present in each and every project -- and treating it as their number one priority, they will finish with successful results.


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Quality standards

Every surface scheduled to be finished goes through an inspection process before and after we apply any materials.

TNT is continuously doing research to stay on the forefront of technology. Since California, and especially the Monterey Peninsula, have extremely strict (VOC) volatile organic compounds laws, it is our job to find the safest and most durable materials that are currently available on the market. The science behind these new products is very precise and is breaking through to enable these new materials to last even longer than the aged oil based products used for so many years.

Some things we may bring to your attention are...

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